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Construction Loans | Construction Lenders | Why Mortgage Bankers Need To Offer Construction Loans
September 25, 2018
5 Fantastic Reasons Why Mortgage Bankers Need To Offer Construction Loans

Here’s why mortgage bankers need to offer consumer construction-to-permanent financing options to their borrowers (Number 3 is our favorite.) Read on!

Construction Loan Compliance | Overcoming Construction Loan Compliance Challenges
September 24, 2018
Overcoming Construction Loan Compliance Challenges

Construction lending has some innate hurdles to overcome, in the form of federal and state compliance and ever-changing regulatory requirements. Learn how you can overcome compliance headaches, so you can offer construction loans with confidence. 

Shannon Faries HousingWire Insider 2018 Interview
September 17, 2018
HousingWire Insider Interview with Shannon Faries

Land Gorilla’s very own Shannon Faries is a 2018 HousingWire Insider, and the following interview will give insight into his accomplishments and contributions to the construction lending industry. 1) How did you get your start? I started my career as a loan originator

Land Gorilla Blog Infographic Contractor Vetting
September 13, 2018
Infographic: Contractor Vetting

Lenders who offer construction loans know there is a high risk involved in completing a project on time and on budget. Most lenders have a plan to mitigate this risk during their pre-closing due diligence, and one of those things is thoroughly vetting the contractor

Land Gorilla Blog Beginner's Guide to Contractor Acceptance
August 29, 2018
The Lender’s Guide to Contractor Acceptance

Contractor acceptance is a key component to construction lending, but unfortunately it is often overlooked or neglected. Lenders must understand the concept and process of contractor acceptance to successfully build and maintain an acceptance process. This includes understanding the benefits of these programs, the different types of referrals requested, important red-flags that may be encountered, the importance of a risk management policy,  as well as an important tool that can help streamline a contractor acceptance workflow.

Land Gorilla Blog Three Critical Checks You Need Before Accepting Any Contractor
August 15, 2018
Three Critical Checks You Need Before Accepting Any Contractor

Every construction and renovation loan lender has the same goal: originate construction loans in a safe and cost-effective manner. In order to achieve this goal and maintain the best interest of the lender as well as the client, lenders should be willing to have open

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