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Land Gorilla Remote Inspections

Product Spotlight: Remote Inspections

Learn how remote inspections work and why they are a preferred alternative to traditional on-site inspections.

Property Inspections | Fannie Mae Appraisal Requirements | Covid-19

Lender’s Guide to Fannie Mae Temporary Flexibilities to Appraisal Requirements

Everything construction and renovation lenders need to know about fannie mae temporary flexibilities to appraisal requirements. Read on!

Construction lending | Construction Loan Management | Construction Loan Software

7 Tips To Get More From Your Construction Lending Programs

You’ve already got a commercial or consumer construction loan program, but how can you scale in the future? These seven tips will give you some ideas on how to get more from your current construction loan programs.

Construction Loans | Construction Lenders | Why Mortgage Bankers Need To Offer Construction Loans

Land Gorilla Lands in Austin: Insights from an MBA Newbie

As 2019 comes to an end, the mortgage industry is wrapping up a rollercoaster of a decade on a high note. It appears that some valuable lessons have been learned when it comes to planning ahead and lenders are focused on better tools to help them expand their footprints without taking on unnecessary risks.

Construction Payment Report | Construction Payment Survey | Construction Payment Stats | Construction Payment Process

New Survey: How to Make Contractor Payments Stress-Free This Year

A new report by Levelset and Tsheets by Quickbooks shows the contractor payment process is rife with problems that put the success of the job at risk.

Construction Finance Technology

5 Questions To Ask When Evaluating Construction Finance Technology

Construction finance technology touches more areas than you may think. Discover the 5 questions to ask when evaluating construction finance technology.

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