Annual Bankers Association Annual Convention Podcast

This October we attended the Annual Bankers Association Annual Convention in New York City where we participated in the ABA live podcasts. Land Gorilla CEO, Sean Faries, spoke with the ABA about the Construction Loan Manager product. Listen or read below:

ABA: Good evening everyone. Welcome to the latest round of podcast interviews here in the ABA Annual Convention Expo. We are delighted to have tonight Sean Faries, CEO of Land Gorilla and he is here to talk to us about Land Gorilla Construction Loan Manager.

ABA: So tell us a little bit about the software product.

Sean: Well the software product was created about eight years ago by Land Gorilla. The product’s called the Construction Loan Manager and it helps banks manage construction loans more efficiently, faster, and safer.

ABA: So why would you think that banks should consider a construction loan management solution.

Sean: Especially with the growth that we’re starting to see from this sector of construction loans gaining more and more momentum not just in the commercial space but in the consumer space as well. The construction loan manager really enhances their opportunities to better serve their customers and by providing a digital experience to them it also helps the bank stay more connected to the customer and provide a digital experience to them that they’re demanding today.

ABA: Yes so, you are talking about the connection to the customer–the customer-driven digital experience. Any other benefits for the bank or for the customer from implementing a digital construction loan management solution like like Land Gorillas?

Sean: Yeah you know it really helps manage the risk. Never before have we had such visibility with technology and the construction loan manager not only helps them see what’s going on in the construction portfolio but it also helps reduce some of the frictions to the process. Digital signatures, integrated Lien waivers, and borrower builder portals are just some of the features and benefits that are with the construction loan manager.

ABA: Any other unique value that you think the construction loan manager really offers to financial institutions?

Sean: Yeah, I mean the list goes on and on. At the end of the day what we’re trying to solve for is to help the bank become more efficient in managing their construction portfolios safer and faster and the construction loan manager really provides an amazing experience to all the stakeholders in the project. So providing a better experience to the customer to the borrower, to the contractor involved, while helping maintain that risk at the end of the day is the best benefit that we can offer.

ABA: Great. Sean, before you go, how can listeners get connected to you and Land Gorilla?

Sean: You can come by our booth here at the ABA, but you can also visit our website or send us an email at [email protected]

ABA: Wonderful. Thanks so much.

Sean: Thank you very much.

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