Land Gorilla Delivers for Homeless this Thanksgiving

Who wants some pumpkin pie? The Land Gorilla team made a Costco run to gather the remaining grocery list items for the Grass Roots II 45th Annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner. On that list… 100 pumpkin pies and a whole lot of whipped cream!

The Grass Roots II Thanksgiving Dinner is scheduled to feed over 2000 people this week and has been faithful in upholding what has become a tradition among San Luis Obispo homeless and disadvantaged citizens since 1971.

Providing food for the 2,500 – 4,000 homeless community members that have been affected by the affordable housing crisis is yet another way we can contribute to our local efforts.

Land Gorilla Blog 100 Pumpkin Pies Costco

Land Gorilla Blog Pumpkin Pie Pallet

We had a chance to speak with Peggy Fowler who has been involved in the annual dinner for 45 years. She caught us up on the importance of community involvement and the need for more affordable housing.

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