Meet with Land Gorilla at Ellie Mae Experience 2019

land Gorilla at Ellie Mae Experience 2019

Land Gorilla looks forward to the Ellie Mae Experience every year, and love talking with Encompass users. If you are doing construction or renovation lending, we hope you come talk with us, because we are experts in construction loan software.

With Ellie Mae and Land Gorilla, lenders can close construction loans faster, streamline construction loan onboarding, reduce draw processing times, and integrate loan servicing and accounting.

But, allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are the #1 financial technology provider of construction loan management software creating a fast, safe, and efficient loan process. Our software is called the Construction Loan Manager™ and it streamlines every aspect from pre-closing due diligence to post-closing draw administration, providing scalability, minimized risk, cost savings, and a best-in-class experience to project stakeholders. The best part for you? It’s integrated with Encompass. Simply use the Encompass user interface like always and let our software bring added benefits to the process.

A quick benefits overview:

We know construction lending carries with it inherent risks and the Land Gorilla software provides safer lending at your fingertips. Allow us to give you the controls you need to enforce your policies and procedures, track project progress, and monitor your risk.

Get ready to increase production and streamline your process by managing construction loans 82% faster thanks to synced systems, automated workflows, and tracking tools.

Digitizing construction loan management means being able to cut fixed costs on every construction loan, close loans faster, increase profitability, and make data-driven decisions.

Stop by booth 300 at Experience 2019 and see the Encompass and Construction Loan Manager integration at work, or click here to book a meeting.


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