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Renovation rehab lending

Webinar: Dispelling Myths of Renovation Lending

Renovation loans address many of the affordability and lack of inventory issues borrowers face, all while being profitable to lenders. Learn from experts with proven experience running successful renovation programs.

Webinar: Safeguard Your Customer Relationships

Join Michael Brooks from Land Gorilla to learn how a diverse portfolio is key in a competitive environment and a robust renovation program helps maintain repeat business and fulfill an explosion in demand.

Land Gorilla and MGIC Webinar | Life After Refi

Webinar: Life After Refi

Join Land Gorilla and the experts at MGIC to learn about the essential role of mortgage insurance, including important upcoming policy updates, best practices in marketing, prequalifying, closing, and post-closing construction and renovation loans

Land Gorilla Infographic | Stat For Construction Lenders

Infographic: Stats for Construction Lenders

Technology and borrower behavior are changing the mortgage application landscape. View these trends to see that they all point to the adoption of digital experiences for both lenders and borrowers.

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