Draw Support III

Job Title: Draw Support III
Department: Construction Loan Management
Reports To: Draw Support Supervisor


Construction Lenders rely on this role to act as a liaison between the Lender, builder, and borrower to keep projects on track and the budget in line. In this role, you oversee and manage multiple complex construction projects in conjunction with multiple Lenders. Because construction projects and Lender policies range and vary in nature, the Draw Support role must be able to identify specific needs and assignments while exercising sound judgment in carrying them out.

Primary Duties:

  • Prepare draw recommendation for Lender review
  • Accurately runs CLM reports
  • Work within the Land Gorilla operating system to order inspections
  • Approve or deny draw payments, change orders, or other specific requests
  • Communicate with Title to receive Title Updates
  • Manage the relationship between the Lender, Builder, and Borrower
  • Understand the construction budget and how it pertains to the construction project
  • Ensure strict confidentiality regarding all business and client matters/documents
  • Maintain and track construction project schedules/deadlines
  • Ensure SLAs are met and report any deviations
  • Prepare and review the required documents for signatures and accuracy
  • Stay up to date with new guidelines and procedures.
  • Communicate effectively with Team Members, Clients, and Vendors.


  • Has a clear understanding of the inspection report and draw request package
  • Strong organizational and quantitative skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding of AIA documents, Insurance policies, and Title documents
  • Strong interpersonal skills; must have a naturally positive demeanor
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to perform multiple assignments without immediate supervision
  • Familiarity with Construction terminology
  • Comfortable working with Bank executives
  • Ability to problem solve and investigate within company guidelines.
  • Expert in Excel and Word
  • Excellent verbal and written etiquette

This job description is not exhaustive and the job holder may be required to undertake additional duties from time to time to ensure the smooth running of the departments.