Contractor and Builder Acceptance Review

Construction Lending Customer Retention

The Contractor or Builder Acceptance Report (contractor/builder review) is a summary report that analyzes the lender/clients contractor/builder questionnaire and the contractor supporting documentation. The intended user of the report is the lender/client for purposes of determining if a contractor or builder meets the minimum risk profile defined by industry best practice.

Digital Search

  • State License Lookup
  • OFAC Entity Search
  • Insurance Confirmation
  • Secretary of State Search
  • Web Reputation Search

Background Checks

  • Past Lien, Bankruptcy, Judgement, Criminal
  • Financial Documents

Free Download

Contractor and Builder Acceptance Questionnaire

Gather the essential information you need during your contractor interview with this ready-to-use template!

The Contractor / Builder Questionnaire will help you gather the essential information you need during your contractor interview process.

What’s Inside

With this ready-to-use PDF, you’ll be able to easily:

  • Collect contractor or builder information
  • Request necessary documents
  • Authorize the Contractor or Builder Acceptance Review Process
  • Review multiple contractors/builders
  • Check tasks needed to complete each review
Land Gorilla Contractor Builder Acceptance Questionnaire