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How To Use The Inspector Web Application

To Fulfill Inspection Orders

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About This Document

Who To Contact

Property Contact

For questions about scheduling or property access, reach out to the property contact indicated on the inspection order.


For all other questions related to the inspection order, contact your lender directly through the messenger feature in the app.

Software Support

For technical assistance with the Land Gorilla Inspector App Email [email protected]

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Getting Started

Before you begin, you must create your inspector profile.

  1. Access the Inspector App – Login to the Web Portal, or download the app from your app store. An email has been sent with your login information.
  2. Update Profile – Review and update your profile information to ensure you are receiving new orders and your communication preferences are clear.
  3. Begin accepting new inspection orders.

Accepting New Orders

After your profile is updated, you can begin accepting new inspection orders from your lender.

  1. You will receive a notification email when new orders are assigned to you
  2. Click “Accept” to proceed to the Land Gorilla Inspector App
  1. Login with your email address and password
    Once logged in, all inspection orders will be displayed by status groups
  1. Click on a status group to see all orders with that status
    For example: To see all new inspection orders, click “New Requests
  1. To open a specific order click the link “Click to view order details
  1. Enter the date you plan to inspect the property
  2. Enter the date you plan to submit the completed inspection report
  3. Click Accept

Order Details / Scheduling Information

Scheduling information, including property contact and appointment availability, is provided to ensure quick, convenient scheduling of the inspection.

  1. Review Special Instructions to determine if an appointment is needed to inspect the property.
  1. If no appointment is needed, property availability will be listed within the special instructions.
  1. To confirm the scheduled appointment, enter the confirmed inspection date/time and the confirmed completion date/time.

Additional Order Details Available

  1. Type of inspection ordered by lender
  2. View attached documents
  3. Upload new documents, including invoices or inspection reports
  4. Lender information
  5. Change status of an order to make revisions

Completing the Inspection

After the property has been inspected, you will complete the inspection report by uploading photos, adding comments, and assigning percentages of completion to each line item.

1. Open order details and click “Create Inspection Report”

2. Previous Inspection Detected:

If you performed a previous inspection for this property, you will be given the option to copy over previous comments and progress percentages to this current inspection.
Select which items you would like to copy from the previous report, then click apply.

3. Upload inspection photos
4. Label all photos
5. Click “Next Enter %” to proceed

6. Review all line items in the budget and add:

  • Associated photos
  • Comments
  • Percentage of completion

Items that have a pending draw request will be indicated with an orange icon.

Items that cannot be physically observed should be marked as “Not Inspectable Item.” This commonly includes:

  • Labor
  • Profit/Overhead
  • Contingency
  • Soft Costs

Note: All line items must have a percentage assigned, even previously inspected or not inspected items.

7. Add general site notes at the end of the budget
8. Click Submit when finished

Site-Notes mobile

9. Enter date and time of completed inspection, and acknowledge all statements by checking each box

10. Click Submit to QC

Note: This will NOT submit the order to Land Gorilla for QC, but will send it directly to your lender.

  • Your completed inspection will be submitted to the lender

Upload Documents

If you wish to upload any documents such as inspector invoices, you can upload these documents directly to the order.

1. Select the document type from the drop-down menu
2. Select the file from your device

3. Click “Upload File”


Revise an Inspection Report

Occasionally, revisions to an inspection may be requested by your lender. You can make these changes easily within the web application.

1. To edit a completed inspection, locate the order under “Completed” orders

2. Click to view order details and make edits

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and change status from “Order Complete” to “Revisions Requested”

NOTE: Change Status dropdown menu only available on the web app.
Not available on the mobile app.

4. Return to the top of the screen and click “Create Inspection Report” to edit the inspection report

Communicate with Lender

Any questions related to the inspection order can be communicated to your lender directly through the messenger feature in the app.

1. Open an order to communicate with your lender

2. From the Order Details, click “Messages”

3. Enter your message
4. Click send

All communication history is stored, and will include sender’s name and timestamp.

New message notifications will be displayed at the top right corner of your screen.

Update Your Profile

Review and update your profile information to ensure you are receiving new orders and your communication preferences are correct.

Account information must be updated by the Land Gorilla Support team.

  1. Click Edit Icon
  2. Click Update Account Info
  3. Enter information to be modified
  4. Click Send

Reset Your Password

  • Click icon to edit Login Information
  • Enter your current password and new password
  • Click save

If you do not remember your password, you can reset your password from the login page.

  1. Click “Forgot Password”
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Password reset instructions will be emailed to you.
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