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Direct Portfolio Lending

Draws Processed Faster

Direct Portfolio Lending | Land Gorilla

DPL gained greater loan visibility, process efficiency, and industry expertise to scale their construction programs

Borrower Experience Improved

Land Gorilla is by far the best platform. What sets Land Gorilla apart in the industry is its technology and team of experts that really know what they are doing

Morgan Smith, President, Private Lending, Direct Portfolio Lending

Product Offering:

  • Fix and Flip
  • New Construction


  • Exceptional borrower experience
  • Loan program growth


  • Construction Loan Manager™ software
  • Draw Administration Services


  • Improved access and visibility for borrowers and builders
  • Reduced administration time
  • Streamlined process

The Challenge

The DPL team has always been very attentive and hands-on in the management of fix and flip, bridge, and construction loans since its beginnings in 2016. As a small team with a growing portfolio, their process was very manual.

“It began organically,” said Morgan Smith, President, Private Lending, Direct Portfolio Lending. “After loan closing, our team would drive out and look at the projects and do the inspections. As we grew, we brought in an operations manager and that’s where we decided we needed to do this the right way. So we tried a variety of ways to do that.”

DPL began with local inspection companies, however they were limited based on geography. Since projects were nationwide, this quickly became an inhibitor. From there, they engaged with two nationwide construction loan management partners. However, both engagements resulted in poor experiences and inadequate service levels.

This led to a search for another partner, ultimately leading DPL to evaluate Land Gorilla. Borrower experience was an important consideration in the evaluation process, as was the speed of the draw process.

“We heard great things about Land Gorilla,” said Smith. “Many industry peers said this was the group to use. We signed with Land Gorilla and we’ve been very pleased.”

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