Michigan First Mortgage

Michigan First Mortgage Leverages Technology for Efficiency and Growth


When it comes to construction lending, efficiency, reliability, and exceptional member service can make a substantial difference to borrowers and builders alike. Michigan First Mortgage, a division of Michigan First Credit Union, nearing its 100th anniversary, is transforming the construction loan landscape for its community.

According to Realtor.com, in the United States, there is a shortage of roughly 7.2 million homes. As this deficit widens, Michigan First Mortgage recognizes the importance of offering construction programs that are essential in meeting the housing demand. Since construction loans come with more complexities than standard mortgages, especially with managing disbursements and inspections, Michigan First knew they needed a technology platform to maintain the exceptional experiences their members expect.

“Land Gorilla’s robust platform facilitated effortless draw administration and gave Michigan First a competitive edge.”

Dan Sugg
Chief Mortgage Lending Officer, Michigan First

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  • Smooth onboarding process
  • Better management of draws and inspections
  • Loan process tracking

Land Gorilla Solutions:

  • Draw management software
  • OneSite web & mobile apps
  • Inspection services


  • Increased efficiency
  • Enriched member experience
  • Advantage in competitive market

After an extensive evaluation of solutions, Michigan First Mortgage chose Land Gorilla for its reliability, automation, desirable draw management features, integrated inspections, and OneSite, a branded mobile and web app for borrowers and builders. Brian McCown, AVP, Mortgage Operations at Michigan First said, “The provision of a seamless experience for borrowers and builders is critical, and implementing sophisticated technology like Land Gorilla becomes instrumental in fulfilling this role.”

Michigan First could better manage draws and inspections, offering unprecedented visibility and support, and giving them a significant advantage in a competitive market.

As its construction loan programs got off the ground, Dan Sugg, Chief Mortgage Lending Officer at Michigan First expressed, “The onboarding process was praised by team members for its smoothness and effectiveness in addressing key needs such as loan onboarding, document storage, and loan progress tracking.” He continued to share that he was impressed with the marked efficiency in tracking lien waivers and the expedited turnaround for inspections.

“From close to draw management with a click of a button.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.”

Teamos Hogan
Senior Mortgage Loan Closer, Michigan First

Integration Success

Senior Mortgage Loan Closer at Michigan First, Teamos Hogan, said, “The integration with Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology® was a bonus to push loans from the LOS into the Land Gorilla platform. This process increased efficiency by eliminating manual re-entry of loan files. From close to draw management with a click of a button. It doesn’t get any easier than that.”

The implementation of the OneSite app proved to be a useful solution in facilitating the needs of both the Michigan First draw administration team and builders. As stated by Hogan, “The enhanced communication and simple draw request process facilitated by OneSite enriched the member service facet for all stakeholders involved.”

The range of features Land Gorilla software delivered streamlined Michigan First’s lending operations considerably. Detailed project information and documents significantly assisted with analyzing their pipeline and individual loans. The Michigan First team unanimously recognized the importance of reporting for scaling and better growth management. Michigan First has been able to increase their efficiency as a result of Land Gorilla’s continued software innovation.

OneSite enhances communication and simplifies the draw request process.

Land Gorilla and Michigan First Partnership

Michigan First has built a remarkable reputation for exceeding member expectations, which is the cornerstone of their success. By utilizing Land Gorilla’s cutting-edge technology, they’re creating a powerful model for the entire industry. This fusion of exceptional member service and innovative technology empowers Michigan First to fulfill the dream of homeownership for even more people. As stated by Sugg, “Land Gorilla’s robust platform facilitated effortless draw administration and gave Michigan First a competitive edge.”

Together, Michigan First and Land Gorilla are setting a new standard for financial institutions. This partnership paves the way for a robust and user-friendly construction lending process.

Land Gorilla’s continued software innovation helped increase Michigan First’s efficiency.