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Pioneering Modern Construction Loan Management Technology

Lending Expertise is designed into everything we do

Construction lending should be safe and hassle-free. Land Gorilla protects construction lenders, contractors, and borrowers from the inherent risks and pitfalls associated with construction lending.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction lending industry, Land Gorilla is pioneering a new era in construction loan management with our innovative cloud-based ecosystem that is efficient, scalable, and 100% compliant.

450 clients, many of today’s top banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies, rely on Land Gorilla to protect their physical, financial and legal interest in real property.


Housingwire Tech 100 Land Gorilla
MBA Insights Recognizes Land Gorilla CEO One of Six Mortgage Technology All-Stars

The Executive Team at Land Gorilla

Sean Faries, Land Gorilla CEO
Sean Faries

Chief Executive Officer

Christi Hale Land Gorilla Director of Client Success
Christi Hale

Director of Operations

Michelle Todd Land Gorilla Director of Marketing
Michelle Todd

Director of Marketing

Sebastian Costa Land Gorilla Chief Technical Officer
Sebastian Costa

 Chief Technical Officer

Shannon Faries Land Gorilla Director of Risk Management
Shannon Faries

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Sean Peterson | Sales Manager | Land Gorilla
Sean Peterson

Sales Manager

Xylina Arreguin Land Gorilla HR Manager
Xylina Arreguin

HR Manager

Ready To Take Control Of Your Construction Loan Process?

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