Remote Inspections

The fastest and safest way to document the progress of work on a property

Land Gorilla Remote Inspections
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Up to 50% Faster Construction Draw Inspections

Inspections have never been faster, safer, and more efficient.

  • Easy Online Ordering
  • Quick Scheduling
  • Secure and Auditable
  • Fast Electronic Delivery
  • No Health Exposure
  • Property Location Validation

Watch a Remote Inspection in Action

“The experience was very easy and the remote inspector helped with the entire process. The remote inspection was much faster than a traditional onsite inspection as there was no need to wait for the inspector’s schedule. It helped us and the buyer/borrower to complete our transaction quickly. Remote inspections are a great use of technology and I look forward to seeing more of this in the future.”

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Land Gorilla Remote Inspections Workflow

How Does it Work?

The property contact and the Land Gorilla Remote Inspector connect via streaming video and the inspector directs the property contact where to go, in the same manner that the inspector would conduct an inspection if they were there in person. The Remote Inspector is able to perform the same functions as a physical visit. The entire inspection process is simple and typically takes under 30 minutes.

“Land Gorilla offered Remote Inspections very quickly and we think it’s wonderful”

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Secure remote construction progress inspections with Land Gorilla

Remote Inspection Safeguards

Security and Location Verification

Security standards are in place to protect the privacy of the homeowner and prevent malicious actors from providing fraudulent or spoofed data to lenders, appraisers, and appraisal management companies. This process does not rely on photo metadata or live GPS location data, both of which can be spoofed. Instead, the remote inspection process verifies location using image data from third-party resources.

Recorded and Auditable

The entire remote inspection is recorded and can be fully audited should the legitimacy of the inspection come into question. Creating a standardized process ensures information security of the data involved is subject to a repeatable and auditable process.

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Land Gorilla Remote Inspections
Land Gorilla Remote Inspection For Cornerstone Home Lending in Skagway, Alaska

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