Case Studies

Learn How Construction And Renovation Lenders Have Achieved Success With Land Gorilla

Conventus | Land Gorilla
Case Study | Conventus

With Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Manager, Conventus increased draw volume by 47% Year-over-Year

Case Study | Silverton Mortgage

With Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Manager, Silverton Mortgage saves money and increases Construction-to-Perm Loan Volume by 333%

Cierra Pacific Mortgage Logo
Case Study | Sierra Pacific Mortgage

With Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Manager, Sierra Pacific Mortgage’s Loan Administrator Productivity Increased 102% and Loan Volume Increased 200%

Homeside Build - Construction and Reno
Case Study | Homeside Financial

After the initial flush of loans onto the Construction Loan Manager, Homeside’s monthly loan volume grew by 193%, and loan volume continues to rise.

Land Gorilla and Guild Mortgage
Case Study | Guild Mortgage

Since signing with Land Gorilla, Guild Mortgage has achieved tremendous success with its renovation programs, experiencing a 246% year-over-year increase in renovation loan volume at the end of 2019.

First Federal Bank | Land Gorilla
Case Study | First Federal Bank

Going from a totally manual procedure wherein the draw process could take upwards to 5 days, First Federal Bank is now able to get draw funds out to the builder within 24 to 48 hours.

Direct Portfolio Lending | Land Gorilla
Case Study | Direct Portfolio Lending

Direct Portfolio Lending gained greater loan visibility, process efficiency, and industry expertise to scale their construction programs

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