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Examine the challenging and complex topics lenders face with construction and renovation loan products. The Construction Lending Podcast will share strategies, insights, information, trends, and best practices around all things related to construction finance.

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The Top 5 Must-Know Headline on The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla
The Top 5 Must Know Housing Headlines

Welcome to “The Top 5”, our regular segment where we delve into recent housing headlines and explore the potential impact on construction lending. In this discussion, we will explore the factors that are keeping homeowners rooted in their current properties, exacerbating the affordability issue in the housing market.


Unlocking the Dream of Home Ownership

In this episode, join our conversation with 1st Security Bank as they discuss the journey to becoming a leading custom residential construction lender in their market Garth Kent, Home Lending Collateral Underwriting Manager, VP for 1st Security Bank walks us through the growth of their program, the strategic approach to scaling and enhancing customer experience, overcoming challenges, and the immense satisfaction of helping clients achieve their dream of owning a home.


USDA Construction Loans on the Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla
Financing Home Construction for Rural Markets

Ed Peace from the USDA joins us to discuss their unique new construction loan programs for rural markets. With the only construction to permanent program that is Ginnie Mae securitizable at closing, the USDA Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan has much to offer borrowers. Lenders benefit from the ability to book the ROI of the loan quicker. In our discussion, we cover the shifts of home building in rural markets, specifics and important parameters of the USDA’s construction loan program, and we share a few personal stories of constructing homes in rural areas.


Affordable Housing Solutions: Factory-Built Housing

Today’s topic is about alternative solutions to affordable housing including Factory Built Housing. It is no surprise that we have a housing inventory and affordability crisis. But there are some great alternative, affordable solutions to a stick-built home such as factory built. What are the benefits and challenges of Factory Built Housing? Listen as we uncover this alternative solution.


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