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The Construction Lending Podcast

Examine the challenging and complex topics lenders face with construction and renovation loan products. The Construction Lending Podcast will share strategies, insights, information, trends, and best practices around all things related to construction finance.

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Clayton Homes on The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla

Off-Site Construction | Tackling the Housing Attainability Crisis

In this edition of The Construction Lending Podcast, special guest Ramsey Cohen from Clayton Homes highlights the innovative world of off-site constructed homes and discusses its transformative impact on the industry and homeownership opportunities.

Construction Lender’s Guide to Builder’s Risk Insurance With Morris and Garritano on the Construction Lending Podcast

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Tune in to the newest episode focusing on Builder’s Risk Insurance with expert Daniel Gilman of Morris and Garritano. Daniel shares invaluable insights that could save you time and money on your next project.

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union and Land Gorilla on the Construction Lending Podcast

Foundational Excellence | TVFCU’s Strategic Approach to Construction Lending

In the latest episode of The Construction Lending Podcast, we feature Andy Woodman from Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, as he lays the foundation on how to roll out a successful construction lending program.

MBA and Land Gorilla on the Construction Lending Podcast

The Shifting Terrain of Construction Lending Legislation

We are joined by Matt Jones, Associate Vice President of Government Housing Finance with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). We’ll navigate the industry’s pressing priorities and intricate policy landscapes. Get ready for an episode filled with industry perspectives, policy predictions, and a glimpse into the potential future of the housing market.

The Construction Lending Podcast with Jennifer “The Reno Gal” Goldsby from Diamond Residential Mortgage

Renovation Realities with ‘The Reno Gal’

Jennifer ‘The Reno Gal’ Goldsby from Diamond Residential Mortgage shares valuable insights, including the need for change in property marketing to highlight renovation financing options, the benefits of renovation programs, especially for first-time home buyers, and sharing multiple resources for finding reliable contractors. Whether you’re a lender, real estate agent, or homebuyer, this episode offers actionable advice to navigate the housing market effectively.

The Construction Lending Podcast with Backflip

Tech-Driven Path to Real Estate Investor Success

Sharpen your knowledge of the current and future state of real estate entrepreneurship. In this informative episode, we’re sitting down with Josh Ernst, CEO of Backflip, a proptech and fintech company. We discuss the role played by real estate entrepreneurs in rejuvenating communities, and how Backflip’s commitment to technology is empowering these passionate property professionals.

Title Research and Lien Impact | The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla

Title Research and Lien Impact

We take you through the world of title research. Join us as we chat with Dave Mitchell from AFX—a leading title research company. We’ll discuss property liens and the impact of historical recording processes

A Conversation with ICBA | The Construction Lending Podcast

Construction Lending and Community Banks

We welcome Ron Haynie from the ICBA to discuss the role of community banks in construction lending and the broader economy. We explore the importance of consistency, the impacts of political influences, and the regulatory environment on community banks. Haynie emphasizes the value of local relationship banking, the advocacy and educational efforts of the ICBA, and their push for innovation to assist community banks.

HUD Consultant Insights | The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla

HUD Consultant Insights

In today’s market, where $200,000 homes are a thing of the past in many states, the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) 203(k) loan program offers a financial option to potential homeowners

The Evolving landscape of Renovation Lending | The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla

The Evolving Landscape of Renovation Lending

The evolving landscape of renovation lending. We explore the nuances of the FHA 203(k) program, Fannie Mae HomeStyle renovation loans, and the effects of market fluctuations on renovation timelines with special guest William Brown.

The Power of Specialization | The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla

The Power of Specialization

We are joined by Mitzi Hutchens, Director of Special Programs at Thrive Mortgage. We’ll be exploring their operational domains and their diverse construction loan programs which include FHA, VA, and conventional renovation programs

Navigation the World of Construction Inspections | The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla

Navigating the World of Construction Inspections

In today’s installment, we’re joined by the insightful Blake Walter from Walter Residential in Atlanta, Georgia. This episode drives into the heart of the construction inspection industry. Our guest delves into the realities faced by inspectors and the ingenuity required in new construction and renovation inspections.

The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla | Guest Waterstone Mortgage

The Role of Construction Loans

We explore Waterstone Mortgage’s one-time close construction loan program with its Vice President of Construction, Nicole Wolfgram. We cover the program’s significant impact on the market, its importance to loan officers and the community, and the complexities involved in construction lending.

Building Strong Foundations | The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla

Building Strong Foundations

In today’s episode, we interview Heather Penziol and Kate Bohlin from Horizon Bank. They’ll be sharing their insights, and experiences in the world of construction lending.

State Statutory Requirements | The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla

The Complexity of State Statutory Requirements

In today’s episode, we dive into the intricacies of state statutory requirements and how they impact construction lenders. Our guest is Sean Faries, the CEO and founder of Land Gorilla. We discuss the importance of understanding state requirements, balancing risk, and minimizing borrower friction in the lending process. Sean also discusses a valuable resource from Land Gorilla, the State Compliance Library, designed to provide lenders with essential information on lien waivers, construction laws, and more. Whether you’re a construction lender or simply interested in the topic, this episode is full of valuable insights and expert advice.

The Top 5 Must Know Housing Headlines

Welcome to “The Top 5”, our regular segment where we delve into recent housing headlines and explore the potential impact on construction lending. In this discussion, we will explore the factors that are keeping homeowners rooted in their current properties, exacerbating the affordability issue in the housing market.

Unlocking the Dream of Home Ownership

In this episode, join our conversation with 1st Security Bank as they discuss the journey to becoming a leading custom residential construction lender in their market Garth Kent, Home Lending Collateral Underwriting Manager, VP for 1st Security Bank walks us through the growth of their program, the strategic approach to scaling and enhancing customer experience, overcoming challenges, and the immense satisfaction of helping clients achieve their dream of owning a home.

USDA Construction Loans | The Construction Lending Podcast by Land Gorilla

Financing Home Construction for Rural Markets

Ed Peace from the USDA joins us to discuss their unique new construction loan programs for rural markets. With the only construction to permanent program that is Ginnie Mae securitizable at closing, the USDA Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan has much to offer borrowers. Lenders benefit from the ability to book the ROI of the loan quicker. In our discussion, we cover the shifts of home building in rural markets, specifics and important parameters of the USDA’s construction loan program, and we share a few personal stories of constructing homes in rural areas.

Affordable Housing Solutions: Factory-Built Housing

Today’s topic is about alternative solutions to affordable housing including Factory Built Housing. It is no surprise that we have a housing inventory and affordability crisis. But there are some great alternative, affordable solutions to a stick-built home such as factory built. What are the benefits and challenges of Factory Built Housing? Listen as we uncover this alternative solution.

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