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Episode 9 | The Construction Lending Podcast

We are joined by Mitzi Hutchens, Director of Special Programs at Thrive Mortgage. We’ll be exploring their operational domains and their diverse construction loan programs which include FHA, VA, and conventional renovation programs. We’ll speak about their continual efforts to enhance their renovation lending and the valuable construction-based opportunities they provide for loan officers, realtors, and builders. We have a candid conversation and share some challenging experiences when managing construction loans and how Thrive successfully navigates these hurdles.

This episode is a must-listen for anybody interested in construction loans, strategies for overcoming construction lending challenges, and the integral role communication plays in this landscape. Mitzi shares best practices for managing construction loans, the changes they’ve adapted to benefit borrowers, and their groundbreaking one-time close loan. Prepare for an exciting journey in construction lending, and discover how Thrive Mortgage has achieved remarkable success over the past decade.

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Questions Answered

  • What are some challenging scenarios that have come up in managing construction loans, and how were they resolved?
  • What are the potential business implications of not offering construction programs?
  • How do you deal with construction loans in states where they do not have a branch or loan officer?
  • What are important do’s and don’ts in construction loans from the perspective of both lenders and borrowers?
  • How do lenders ensure effective communication with all parties involved in the construction process?

Episode Recap

In Episode 9 of The Construction Lending Podcast, we sat down with construction lending expert, Mitzi Hutchens, Director of Special Programs at Thrive Mortgage. We delved into experiences, challenges, and unique wisdom accrued from her years of work in construction lending.

Pioneering New Pathways in Construction Lending
Thrive Mortgage, remarkably active in states like Colorado, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, and Ohio, is championing innovation in construction lending by expanding renovation lending and offering educational courses for realtors. They recognize the significance of providing construction and renovation programs, not only for the company’s growth but also for loan officers, realtors, and builders.

Mitzi enlightened us on the integral role of expertise and specialized departments in the success of these complex programs. Their narrative is a testament on how organizations can succeed amidst challenges by adapting to change, embracing technology, and persevering through crises such as the pandemic.

Building Blocks to Successful Construction Loans
As the discussion unfolds, Mitzi impresses upon listeners the importance of adhering to construction loan do’s and don’ts. The key takeaways were maintaining financial stability during the build phase and handling challenging change orders with a good process—tools that can be invaluable for builders, borrowers, and lenders alike.

It is emphasized that communication is critical to succeeding in the construction lending domain. Consistent communication with builders and borrowers can help manage disputes, keeping the construction projects on track.

Navigating Complexities in Construction Lending
The comprehensive conversation wraps reiterating Thrive’s dedication to help parties involved in the construction process succeed. It was clear that Thrive Mortgage set themselves apart in the industry through concerted communication and education efforts, and a relentless drive to continuously improve their offerings.

The episode captures a blend of insightful stories, valuable advice, and an inspiring journey that illuminates the complexities of construction lending. By sharing lessons, listeners receive wisdom on how to overcome obstacles and sturdily construct a better future.

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