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Land Gorilla Blog Understanding Liability Insurance

How Lenders Can Understand General Liability Insurance and Builder’s Risk Insurance

There is a continuous discussion around best practices, differences, and use cases among construction and renovation lenders regarding General Liability Insurance and Builder’s Risk Insurance policies. These two insurance products are not interchangeable and serve entirely different purposes. 

Land Gorilla Blog | 7 Questions Lenders Should Ask

7 Questions To Ask Warehouse Banks When Considering Construction Lines

These seven critical questions will help you to make informed decisions about construction lines of credit for construction and renovation lending. Bonus: Listing of warehouse banks offering construction lines.

Land Gorilla Blog | Optimizing Fix And Flip Programs For Growth And Profit

Optimizing Fix and Flip Programs for Growth and Profit

Private lenders can standardize their construction lending processes for growth and profit with some examples from Temple View.

Land Gorilla Blog | The Squeeze: How Independent Mortgage Bankers Can Survive Margin Compression

The Squeeze: How Independent Mortgage Bankers Can Survive Margin Compression

Independent mortgage bankers can survive margin compression with a healthy mix of loan products. Learn more about these loan products in this blog.

Commercial Construction | SBA lending

Growing Your Loan Portfolio with Construction Lending

Community bankers have historically considered construction loans an essential part of their loan portfolio. Whether or not you currently have programs running, the current market conditions lend themselves to an opportunity of portfolio growth with construction lending.

land Gorilla New Home Foundation Example

Utilizing Surveys And Foundation Endorsements To Prevent Costly Mistakes

Surveys and Foundation Endorsements play an important role in construction finance and protect financial institution’s physical interests in real estate. It’s important for construction lenders to fully understand their purpose and benefits when utilizing the tools.

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