Construction Draw Inspections

The tedious and time-consuming practice of managing your inspection panel has never been easier. Simplify your vendor management and payment headaches with fully integrated inspection solutions.

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Facilitate Faster Draw Disbursements and Decision Making

Land Gorilla Inspection Services provides best-in-class service levels for scheduling and report delivery. Lenders simplify their vendor management for better ROI. Leverage professional inspection companies and independent fee inspectors across the US. to help provide visibility into project progress.

Land Gorilla Automated Project Manager
Land Gorilla Accounting and Payments for Construction Lending
Simplified Billing
Land Gorilla Automated Project Manager
Vendor Verified
Fixed Pricing
Land Gorilla Reporting and Dashboards for Construction Lending
Real-Time Reporting
National Coverage
Quality Control
Land Gorilla Standardized Reports
Progress Standardization
Land Gorilla Industry Leagin SLAs
Industry-Leading SLA

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Land Gorilla On Site Inspections

On-Site Inspections

Access to over 15,000 professional inspection companies and independent fee inspectors nationwide. On-site inspections provide consistent, quality reports and industry-leading SLAs.

Land Gorilla Remote Inspections

Remote Inspections

Professional and accurate inspections completed up to 50% faster than on-site construction draw inspections. Leverage live streaming video to authenticate location, verify identities and validate progress in real-time.

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Land Gorilla Construction Loan Management Software
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