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Land Gorilla Construction Loan Management Software
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Land Gorilla Smart Automation for Construction Lending

Smart Automation Powering Your Construction Draw Process

Managing construction loans gets expensive and risky when there is a lot of back and forth between project stakeholders. Multi-step, manual processes cause frustration, errors, loss of time, and ultimately a poor experience.

Land Gorilla empowers commercial and residential lenders with technology solutions to transform complex payment situations. Simplify your operations through automation to minimize errors, streamline approvals and pay your customers faster.

Learn how Land Gorilla can streamline your construction draw process.

First Federal bank experienced 80% faster draw turn times using Land Gorilla.

Read their complete success story here.

Quick Pay for Draw Disbursements

Quick Pay

Create workflows to automate critical functions so no step is missed and your team can confidently fund draws with less back and forth.

Construction Finance Connected Brand

Connected Brand

Maintain your brand with your customers and provide a seamless digital experience across all touchpoints.

Construction Finance Loan Control

Loan Control

Highly configurable workflows give you the power to control your process with consistency and governance over your custom policies.

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Land Gorilla Construction Lending Software

Construction Loan Manager™

Land Gorilla Digital Draw Management
Construction Draw Software

Processing construction draw requests and payments has never been faster. Receive draw requests digitally and easily keep track of loan fund disbursements and pipeline health with unmatched visibility.

  • Create and manage from a centralized budget of record
  • Process draws and change orders with smart validations to prevent overfunding
  • Monitor key performance indicators of the loan
  • Track internal notes, manage next steps, setup email reminders and track complaints
  • Contact database to track and manage all your payees
  • Track lien waivers to draw disbursements
  • Create custom user roles to enforce policy and governance
Land Gorilla Automated Project Manager
Automated Project Manager (APM)

Automate dynamic workflows and effectively manage important tasks at critical loan milestones. The APM recognizes characteristics of the loan, bringing together compliance, risk management, and industry best practices to make sure the correct tasks are being completed at the correct time.

  • Automate tasks
  • Streamline workflows with event-based automation
  • Configurable hard and soft stops for user-based controls
OneSite by Land Gorilla

The simplest way to pay stakeholders. Available via web and mobile app (iOS and Android), your stakeholders can easily request draws and change orders and operate off a single budget of record. This is all within a digital experience branded to your company.

  • Design unique Customer Experiences (CX) for borrowers and project stakeholders
  • Custom draw workflows to support the draw process you want
  • Communicate with in-app messaging and notifications
  • Exchange information securely with end-to-end encryption
  • Setup tasks to clearly communicate next steps to stakeholders

Learn more about OneSite here

Land Gorilla Lien Waivers and Title Updates for Construction
Lien Waivers and Title Updates

Proactively protect your legal interest with a fully integrated lien waiver and title update process. Reduce project delays and confidently pay your loan stakeholders faster.

  • Reduce turn time and facilitate rapid payments
  • Create powerful workflows to automate lien waiver and title update processes
  • No secondary billing or vendor to manage
Land Gorilla Reporting and Dashboards for Construction Lending
Reporting and Dashboards

Easy access to real-time data so you can maintain the health of your loan pipeline. Dashboards provide real-time visibility of key performance indicators.

  • Easily view key performance indicators
  • Drill down on company, team, and end-user metrics
  • Configurable charts to visualize your data
Land Gorilla Accounting and Payments for Construction Lending
Accounting & Payments

Land Gorilla as a system of record to manage transactions. Accounting and payment features bring workflow efficiency.

  • Year-end reporting
  • Wire, ACH, check and journal entry transactions
  • Cash management user controls
  • Account reconciliation reporting
  • Track payment status
Land Gorilla Construction Loan Servicing
Loan Servicing

A simplified solution for servicing your construction loans. Access all of the tools needed to manage your interest billing statements and escrow account statements in one system.

  • Automate the generation of monthly interest billing statements
  • Quickly create custom loan payoff quotes
  • Automate and record interest due and late fees
  • Integrate transaction from other systems
Land Gorilla Commercial Construction Lending Technology

Commercial Construction Lending

Create unique online experiences for your borrowers and build trust and loyalty with our configurable suite of solutions.

Land Gorilla Residential Construction Lending Technology

Consumer Construction Lending

Create the ultimate homeowner journey and complete the end-to-end digital mortgage experience – all from one platform.

Ready for a better construction lending experience? Request your demo today.

Land Gorilla Construction Loan Management Software
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