Lien Waivers

Fast and easy process to protect your lien priority and avoid construction delays

Lien Waivers for Construction
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Land Gorilla Lien Waiver Accuracy

Ensure Accuracy

The correct waiver form and information at your fingertips

Save Time with Land Gorilla

Save Time

Reduce turn time from days to minutes to facilitate faster draw disbursements

Land Gorilla Simplified Process for Lien Waivers

Simplified Process

e-Signature integration eliminates the need to print, scan, and upload

Remove Lien Waiver Guesswork

Lien waivers play a critical role in the construction payment process as a tool to protect a lender’s lien priority and avoid liens that complicate and delay projects. However, statutory lien law is complex and can vary from state to state. Land Gorilla provides lenders a powerful integration to access state statute lien waivers. Lenders can easily create, distribute, execute and collect lien waivers.


Protection without additional payment process friction
  • Generate statutory lien waivers with smart data
  • Request electronic signature for lien waivers
  • Include lien waiver forms in draw process workflows
State Statute Lien Waivers

Learn how our integration with Levelset helps streamline the lien waiver process.

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Use Cases

Land Gorilla Compare Lien Waivers Tool

Digital Comparison Tool

Construction draw administrators can utilize the solution as a side-by-side comparison tool when builders and contractors submit their own lien waiver.

Land Gorilla User Specific Documents

Digital Lien Waiver Generator

Seamlessly generate lien waivers based on payee and request an e-signature from the payee to complete the process.

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