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The Most Efficient Method to Request Title Updates

Mechanic and tax liens can become problematic and be the first signs a project is having issues. Fast and accurate property reports provide a snapshot of any mechanics liens and tax liens on the property. Land Gorilla’s title update solution provides lenders with a quick reliable report to complement your legal due diligence for draw processing.

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Title Updates for Residential and Commercial Properties

The title update provides ownership and encumbrance information from the time the current owner purchased the property, up to the effective date shown on the report. The report will verify the property ownership, including mortgages, taxes, liens, and judgments. This solution is not a substitute for title endorsements and does not provide insurance coverage.

  • Current deed information (grantor, grantee, recording dates)
  • Property tax status, when available
  • Lien and judgement information (creditor, amounts, and recording dates)
  • Copy of the most recently recorded deed
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