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Land Gorilla APIs for Custom Applications
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Custom applications, connecting stakeholders like never before

At Land Gorilla we’ve made construction lending faster, safer, and more efficient. The Land Gorilla platform connects borrowers, project stakeholders, and service providers. Land Gorilla APIs enable developers to build their own Land Gorilla-powered applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices.

Land Gorilla APIs Custom Applications

Create Custom Applications

  • Quickly build or expand new applications
  • Create intuitive workflows that fit your company needs
  • Streamline processes and information
  • Innovate custom capabilities for maximum value
Expand Your Technology Ecosystem with Land Gorilla APIs

Extend Your Technology Ecosystem

  • Loan Origination System (LOS)
  • Core
  • Servicing
  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence

Developer Tools for Rapid Innovation

Land Gorilla Automated Project Manager

API Sandbox

For development and testing of API integrations

Integrations for Construction Finance Technology

Integration Support

Find answers during the integration process

Resources for Construction Finance Technology

Developer Resources

Code examples, use cases and error responses

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APIs to Support Commercial & Consumer Lenders

Common use cases:


Time to book a loan to Land Gorilla. Create a loan file from your existing core, CRM or loan origination system.

Send Receive Documents From Your LOS


Send documents to Land Gorilla. Retrieve documents and document lists, or configure webhooks to know when a new document is available.



Request data from Land Gorilla on recurring reporting or on-demand. Transaction, loan level or pipeline reporting requests are supported.

Inspections Delivered Within Three Hours


Request services to Land Gorilla and other third-party service providers. Order reports on builder acceptance, project feasibility, title updates, inspections, or draw management services.


Sync important contacts across systems. Create a company contact in Land Gorilla and send information to support your future payment disbursements to contractors and other project stakeholders.

APIs to Support Borrowers & Project Stakeholders

Common use cases:

Land Gorilla Digital Draw Management

Draws Submissions

Looking to take a step up on your competition? Embed the draw process directly into your existing apps.

Land Gorilla Change Orders

Change Orders

Embed the change order process into your existing app to support more complex loan management capabilities and track budget change requests.


Embed secure messaging with DLP into your existing apps. Borrowers and project stakeholder messaging can be embedded into your existing app.

Land Gorilla Digital Draw Management


Embed borrower and project stakeholder tasks directly into your existing apps. Supports the request of the task information and submission of the task data/documents.

Loans Status

Request lists to borrower loans to get the status.

APIs for Third Party Vendors

Designed for inspection companies and title service providers

New Orders

Vendors can configure webhooks for new inspection orders or get order status.


Communicate and exchange information with the lender.

Order Status

Get important order data and get updates on status changes.


Get important documents to support the order request and send documents back to complete the service.

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