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Navigating The World Of Construction Inspections


Blake Walter From Walter Residential In Atlanta, Georgia

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Episode 8| The Construction Lending Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of The Construction Lending Podcast. In today’s installment, we’re joined by the insightful Blake Walter from Walter Residential in Atlanta, Georgia. This episode drives into the heart of the construction inspection industry.

Our guest delves into the realities faced by inspectors and the ingenuity required in new construction and renovation inspections.

Technology plays a starring role in Blake’s workday. Yet, even with all this tech, challenges remain, such as the vagueness of draw inspection requests and the logistical issues of locating properties in sprawling rural areas.

The discussion highlights the mutual benefits and positive experiences within the niche yet essential world of inspection. So let’s explore the blueprints to success in the world of inspections.

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Questions You’ll Have Answered:

  • What are the key differences and challenges between inspecting new construction projects versus renovation projects?
  • How can inspectors leverage technology and equipment to streamline and improve the efficiency of the inspection?
  • What are the common challenges inspectors face, especially in rural areas, and how can they overcome these hurdles?
  • In what ways has the inspection industry evolved to use advanced technology?
  • What is some advice to newly trained inspectors who are eager to enter the industry but may be overwhelmed by the complexity of new construction and renovation projects?

Episode Recap

Episode 8: Navigating the World of Construction Inspections

In this episode of The Construction Lending Podcast, we are joined by seasoned independent fee inspector Blake Walter of Walter Residential in Atlanta, Georgia. We dive deep into the nuances of the inspection industry, fuel-saving hacks, the role technology plays in inspections, and the invaluable insights on how to thrive as an inspector.

Maximizing Fuel Savings:

The conundrum of fuel efficiency is a common topic among those whose work relies on regular vehicle use. Blake Walter reveals the clever strategy for significant savings on gas. Walter notes a substantial $30 savings per tank, demonstrating a practical approach to mitigating operational costs in businesses reliant on transportation.

From Construction Sites to Inspector Insights:

Inspection work requires not only a ken eye but also an appreciation for the challenges it presents, especially for new constructions and renovations. Blake illuminates the difference between these types of projects and offers sage advice to potential inspectors on the perks of the job such as flexibility and exposure to new construction techniques. Our host shares his own experiences with draw inspections, underscoring the intricacies involved, including the need for detailed scopes of work and the challenges of deciphering construction terminology.

Technology’s Role in Efficient Inspections:

One defining aspect of today’s inspections is the reliance on technology to streamline processes. Blake speaks to the effectiveness of employing a laptop with internet access, a drone for aerial inspections, and a dependable smartphone as his primary toolkit. He stresses the importance of selecting technology that aligns with industry standards and promotes efficiency.

The Human Side of Inspections:

Beyond the technical aspects, our guests reflect on draw inspections’ personal elements. They emphasize the importance of understanding what to look for in inspections and maintaining proactive communication with builders. Blake acknowledges the cooperation from contractors and the necessity for lenders to provide clear communication to prevent vague inspection requests.

The Personal Journey:

Our host shares his candid story of hardship and resilience, revealing how inspection work has significantly impacted his life, leading him to found Land Gorilla with just a $500 credit card. Despite challenges, this venture allowed him to shape a platform that redefined management of construction loans, showcasing the transformative power of determination and the opportunities that arise from the inspection industry.

Stepping Stones for Aspiring Inspectors:

As the conversation draws to a close, Blake warns against the allure of paid leads, suggesting instead that gaining experience through local companies offers a safer and more fruitful entry point into the industry. His personal experience accentuates the vigilance needed to navigate potential scams. They conclude on a note of mutual respect for each other’s contributions to the industry and the shared value of authenticity and effective communication.


In this episode, there is a wealth of knowledge for both industry veterans and newcomers. Those tuning in will walk away with practical tips, a better understanding of the inspection landscape, and the role of technology in their daily operations. Above all, it underscores the importance of building a solid foundation through reliable partnerships and sound business practices. For more insights and engaging conversations like this one, be sure to tune into Podcasts and Webinars.