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The Role of Construction Loans in Today’s Housing Market


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Episode 7 | The Construction Lending Podcast

In this episode of The Construction Lending Podcast, we explore Waterstone Mortgage’s one-time close construction loan program with its Vice President of Construction, Nicole Wolfgram. We cover the program’s significant impact on the market, its importance to loan officers and the community, and the complexities involved in construction lending.

With the construction sector at the helm of housing demands and talent acquisition, we unpack the critical role of this innovative program. We also touch on the broader implications of construction lending in a potentially stabilizing economy and the untapped potential it holds amidst the ebb and flow of interest rates.

Our guest will discuss the complex scenarios she’s faced, including the ripple effects of market fluctuations, like those during COVID, and how to steer through a crisis when a builder backs out. Together, we explore the crucial metrics that gauge the health of construction loans and how these indicators can safeguard against pitfalls and ensure projects stay on track. We also discuss the long game—how creating successful outcomes for customers from the get-go can shield the lender’s reputation and sustain a healthy stream of referrals.

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Questions you’ll get answered:

  • How does a one-time close construction loan program streamline the loan process for borrowers compared to traditional construction loans?
  • What impact has the introduction of the one-time close construction loan program had on loan volume and agent recruitment?
  • How can you ensure that loan officers and processors are well-equipped to sell and process the one-time close construction loan?
  • What is the best approach to resolving issues that arise between borrowers and builders during the construction process?
  • What key performance indicators or metrics do are most critical for managing the success of construction loans?
  • How can you educate both loan officers and consumers to ensure smooth construction loan processes and avoid negative experiences?
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