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Episode 6 | The Construction Lending Podcast

In today’s episode, we interview Heather Penziol and Kate Bohlin from Horizon Bank. They’ll be sharing their insights, and experiences in the world of construction lending.

Heather, with her 30 years of experience in mortgage warehousing and construction administration at Horizon Bank, begins the episode by discussing her passion for construction lending and the thrill of seeing projects come to life. Kate, who started in the mortgage department and transitioned into construction loan administration, brings her expertise and unique perspective to the conversation.

Our guests highlight the process of running a successful construction program, crediting accomplishments to well-trained loan officers who effectively communicate with both borrowers and builders. They also emphasize the importance of aligning expectations to avoid any potential issues. Also covered is the importance of training, managing customer expectations, and establishing clear policies and procedures. Our guests highlight the interconnected nature of various bank services and explore the financial implications beyond the construction lending department.

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Questions you’ll get answered:

  • How does a construction loan program contribute to success in the industry?
  • What are the key factors that contribute to effective communication between borrowers, builders, and loan officers during the construction loan process?
  • In what ways can banks and mortgage companies establish clear policies and procedures to ensure smooth construction loan processes?
  • What are some potential challenges or conflicts that may arise between borrowers and builders during the construction loan process, and how can they be effectively managed?
  • What qualities and skills are necessary for a good construction loan administrator, and why are they important in handling construction loan processes?
  • What are the potential consequences if a bank were to stop offering construction loans, and how do these loans impact various aspects of the bank’s operations and services?
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