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Remote Inspections is a new method of procuring a professional inspection, without the health risk of traditional inspections. Announced around the time of massive stay-at-home orders, Remote Inspections helps to keep the project running while decreasing person to person contact. However, this is not the only use case for a remote inspection order. Today on the blog, read about how Remote Inspections can be used for very remote locations.

Remote Inspections success in a remote area

The challenge:

Our client, Cornerstone, had an interesting case. They needed to get an inspection done on a new build in Skagway, Alaska, but the location was only accessible by aircraft, ferry, or a long drive from Canada by road. The town had a population of less than 900, and we were only able to find one inspector within 100 miles.

As construction lenders know, inspectors charge for distance traveled, and this inspector was looking at an 86 mile ride—by ferry, if they even had the time to accept the job. With boats being slower than cars and the inspector at the mercy of the vessel’s schedule, time and cost soon edged this request way past that of practicality, and it became apparent that this option wasn’t going to work.

Land Gorilla Remote Inspection in Alaska
Inset: Road/Ferry Ride from Juneau to Skagway - 103 Miles ~ 7 hours

The Solution: 

The Land Gorilla team facilitates inspections for Cornerstone, and quickly pivoted to suggest to Cornerstone that we complete a Remote Inspection for this case. Cornerstone agreed, and the Remote Inspection was scheduled that day. 

Remote inspections are a professional Inspection that leverages live streaming video to authenticate location, verify identities, and validate construction and renovation progress in real-time.

The Result: 

Land Gorilla Remote Inspections. A Land Gorilla team member, Mandy, completed the remote inspection with the contractor, Orion Hanson, owner of Hanson General Contracting. In the video below, you’ll see an abbreviated version of the inspection.

This inspection was completed in under 20 minutes and the inspection report was completed and delivered to Cornerstone within an hour.

Client Spotlight

Land Gorilla with Cornerstone Home Lending

Established in 1988, Cornerstone is a refreshingly unique national home lender with thousands of highly-satisfied clients who return to Cornerstone year after year, loan after loan. Cornerstone’s Mission clearly states that their most important goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Website: Cornerstone Home Lending

Learn More About Remote Inspections Below: 

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