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A Powerful End-to-End Solution

The Construction Loan ManagerTM (CLM) by Land Gorilla + Encompass® by ICE Mortgage TechnologyTM combines a powerful LOS with the industry-leading software to manage construction loans. Together we create a complete construction loan management solution to power every construction and renovation project directly from Encompass®. The integration is a complete end-to-end solution that saves time and reduces friction throughout your construction loan process.

The Construction Loan Manager is the #1 cloud-based software empowering lenders to manage their pipeline faster, safer, and more efficiently.

  • Import the loan data and documents directly to the CLM
  • Update loan information from the CLM to Encompass®
  • One-click servicing controls
  • Retrieve loan progress information on demand
Download the land Gorilla and Encompass Integration Overview

The complete draw management solution to power every construction project directly with Encompass®

Save Time

Land Gorilla Standardized Reports

Reduce Friction

Land Gorilla Automated Project Manager

Eliminate Manual Entry

Set Up Loans in Seconds With Land Gorilla

Setup Construction Loans In Seconds

Stop spending days (and sometimes weeks) setting up your construction loan files.

Send your loan files directly from Encompass® to the Construction Loan Manager in seconds to boost your workflow and efficiency post-closing.

The process literally takes seconds.

Flexibility and Control for Construction Finance Technology

One-Click Servicing Controls

It’s a little toggle with a whole lot of power. Turn this on to enable interim construction loan servicing and generate your monthly billing statements! Setting up your servicing departments is as easy as a single click.

Land Gorilla Standardized Reports

Keep Your Construction Loan Docs Organized

Send your loan documents straight from Encompass into an organized filing system with drag and drop functionality, easy folder organization, and a preview tool for quick file reference.

Keep your team focused on loan management, not searching systems for documents.

Land Gorilla Video Webinar


Maximize Construction Loan Efficiency

Watch the Encompass and Land Gorilla joint webinar.

Eliminate Duplicate Manual Entry

Success begins with the correct information. Now, you don’t have to enter it twice. Save time by submitting your loan information once without the need for additional touches.

Eliminate Dual Entry of Construction Loan Information with Land Gorilla
Project Summary Dashboard

Quick Project Summary Updates

Update construction loan information from the Construction Loan Manager back to Encompass.

Our integration delivers a data-packed payload back for your use. Pull our data on-demand and leverage Land Gorilla CLM to build a custom solution to fit your company’s specific needs.

Learn how Land Gorilla can guide you through a better construction and renovation lending experience

Land Gorilla Construction Loan Management Software
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