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Lien Waivers Made Fast, Easy and Stress-Free

Lien waivers are an essential part of construction lending. They are used as a tool to protect a lender’s lien position and avoid liens that complicate and delay projects.

Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Manager™ provides lenders with a digital lien waiver solution through an integration with Levelset, the world’s first and only collaborative construction payment ecosystem. The simplified process allows lenders to create, distribute, execute and collect lien waivers, including requesting e-signatures.

  • Generate pre-populated state-specific lien waivers
  • Request electronic waivers with an e-signature
  • Validate that waivers are completed correctly

Download the Levelset and Land Gorilla Overview

Land Gorilla Partner | Levelset Overview


Reduce turn time from days to minutes


The correct waiver form and information at your fingertips


E-Signature integration eliminates the need to print, scan, and upload

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