Land Gorilla Releases The Automated Project Manager To Increase Project Completion And Remove Complexity For Construction Lending

The new smart automation tool creates dynamic workflows and eliminates common risks in construction loan management

San Luis Obispo, CA – September 26, 2019 – Land Gorilla, the #1 technology provider of construction loan management software, announced today the launch of a revolutionary new feature to construction loan management software, the Automated Project Manager.

The Automated Project Manager (APM) allows lenders to automate dynamic workflows and more effectively manage important tasks at important milestones. The APM is designed to reduce risk and improve efficiencies, offering control and consistency, and streamlining workflows via event-based automation.

The APM recognizes characteristics of the loan such as property type, location, investors, loan programs and title provider to trigger automation based on events in the loan life cycle. It brings together compliance, risk management and industry best practices to make sure the correct tasks are being completed at the correct time. The APM can be configured to include hard and soft stops for user-based controls.

Common use cases include:

  • Dynamic task lists for borrowers and builders to ensure key stakeholders always know the next action they need to perform.
  • Workflow automation for draw management roles to ensure specific tasks are completed when loans are set up, draws are processed, change orders are accepted and projects are completed.
  • Inspection automation for draw and final inspections.
  • Title Search automation that can connect to Land Gorilla’s Marketplace for title service providers.

“We are very excited to launch the new Automated Project Manager that will take our clients’ lending programs to the next level,” said Sean Faries, CEO, Land Gorilla. “The secret to managing construction loans is to do it with discipline. Apply repeatable processes and make sure the right task gets completed at the right time without exception. The APM is designed to remove the guesswork and overlooked actions that so often contribute to project non-completion. This revolutionary technology will drastically improve efficiencies, lower risk, and provide a faster payment process. We are proud to provide our clients with this industry-leading technology to support their growth initiatives in construction lending.”

For more information, contact Land Gorilla at [email protected] or call 855-887-3800.

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Land Gorilla is the #1 financial technology provider of construction loan management software creating a fast, safe, and efficient loan process. Trusted by top lenders, Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Manager™ streamlines every aspect from pre-closing due diligence to post-closing draw administration, providing scalability, minimized risk, cost savings, and a best-in-class experience to project stakeholders. For more information, visit

For more information, contact Land Gorilla at [email protected] or call 855-887-3800.